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Keeping the Light On.

Have you ever been wrestling with demons in the darkness only to discover, when the light comes on, that the demons are not who you thought they were? Since I fired Ambition, I have been in a funk. No passion, … Continue reading

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A Symbol of Movement

I was reminded this week of the mobius strip that I wrote about here. Only this time, instead of focusing on the inner/outer nature of the strip, I have been focused on the movement/continuation aspect. As a Vata type, my … Continue reading

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Digging Deeper

I was just in the Hoh rainforest where I witnessed this squirrel digging for treasure. The energy and certainty with which it dug was envious…and there was something I recognized in his industry. In contrast, my time in the rainforest … Continue reading

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More about rushing…

According to Cheryl Richardson, I may be addicted to adrenaline. Which explains a lot about rushing, the topic of my previous post. It also makes me laugh because when I first read about adrenaline as a fuel source (Take Time … Continue reading

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5 Things to do when the Muse goes on vacation

Everyone deserves a break. So why wouldn’t the Muse occasionally slip off to some hidden paradise to recharge his/her batteries? Instead of panicking and fearing that your art making days are done, try these simple ideas: 1) Clean and organize … Continue reading

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Lucky Town

I love tools and I love building things. So when I found this vintage Stanley tool box at an antique store closing sale, I snapped it right up. My first inspiration was to use this hand colored map with a … Continue reading

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The Messy Process of Art

“This is not going to work.” That’s what I said to myself in the middle of my latest bookbinding project. It was a commissioned piece… a wedding guest book for a friend of mine… and I was giving it my … Continue reading

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