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Digging Deeper

I was just in the Hoh rainforest where I witnessed this squirrel digging for treasure. The energy and certainty with which it dug was envious…and there was something I recognized in his industry. In contrast, my time in the rainforest … Continue reading

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Saying No to Distractions

I was preparing for dinner and thinking about what I wanted to read while eating when a voice said “just stop”. It wasn’t an angry voice. More like a gentle restraining hand at the edge of a cliff…”don’t do it…”. … Continue reading

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5 Things to do when the Muse goes on vacation

Everyone deserves a break. So why wouldn’t the Muse occasionally slip off to some hidden paradise to recharge his/her batteries? Instead of panicking and fearing that your art making days are done, try these simple ideas: 1) Clean and organize … Continue reading

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Making Choices

I don’t eat crab unless someone else does the hard work of extracting the meat from the shell. But I love unpacking pomegranates. Maybe it’s the bright red color or the sweet/tart burst in the mouth or maybe it’s just … Continue reading

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Lucky Town

I love tools and I love building things. So when I found this vintage Stanley tool box at an antique store closing sale, I snapped it right up. My first inspiration was to use this hand colored map with a … Continue reading

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The Business of Art

According to Feng Shui, the Wealth area is in the far left corner from the entrance. I considered this when I decided to move my art table in the studio. Originally, I had my largest earning activity (bookkeeping) in that … Continue reading

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The Messy Process of Art

“This is not going to work.” That’s what I said to myself in the middle of my latest bookbinding project. It was a commissioned piece… a wedding guest book for a friend of mine… and I was giving it my … Continue reading

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