5 Things to do when the Muse goes on vacation

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Everyone deserves a break. So why wouldn’t the Muse occasionally slip off to some hidden paradise to recharge his/her batteries? Instead of panicking and fearing that your art making days are done, try these simple ideas:

1) Clean and organize the studio: Go ahead, admit it. In the flurry of creativity, the last thing you want to do is focus on clutter or taking time to reorganize your supplies. So you put up with the frustration of not finding what you know you have because art time is precious and you would rather be in the process rather than getting ready for the process. Well, consider the lull of the missing Muse to be a gift and get busy preparing a fertile, well-ordered place to be creative.

2) Hold a Previously Love Art Supplies sale: Rather than toss what you no longer use or have too much of, organize a sale day. Invite your artist friends to bring their extra stash and throw a small party. As a bonus, you just might be inspired by a new tool or technique that you haven’t explored yet. Maybe you’ve always done watercolors and suddenly there is a set of pastels at the right price. Besides, isn’t it great hanging our with other creatives?

3) Play with new techniques: The key word here is Play. You are not trying to create a masterpiece (although you might…). You are experimenting, making happy accidents, dabbling. Or perhaps there is a class you’ve been wanting to take to expand your possibilities or perfect your style. Now is a great time for skill building so that when the Muse returns, you will be a fertile field for planting ideas. And along the way, you might make new art friends.

4) Send yourself a postcard from the Muse: Imagine what the Muse might have to say while on vacation… words of encouragement, brilliant discoveries, new resources. Or enlist one of your art buddies and write postcards to each other. Be the Muse for a day. Be silly. Be serious. Be creative. Mail those postcards… more than one if you can… to fill the days with fun surprises.

5) Take a Nap: You know you haven’t been getting as much sleep as you need to be productive. In fact, you could even build up a sleep Reserve for when the Muse returns and you’re back to your inspired way of staying up late or having sleepless nights full of new ideas. I’m not talking about the sleep of escape…the sleep of boredom…the sleep of I-don’t-wanna. I’m talking about the deep and restful sleep of restoration. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have vitality and strength to bring to your art? Wouldn’t the Muse be pleased to have your full attention and enthusiasm? Make GOOD sleep a priority.

With both your studio and yourself prepared for resuming art making, the Muse is sure to show up and soon. Congratulations on using your time wisely and faithfully so that you can put your heads together and create Beauty and Meaning.



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