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Radical Change

“Taking a vacation from (twelve step) meetings is like giving your plants a break by not watering them.”        Anonymous friend I could say the same about writing. And yet, during times of radical change, I often stop writing. I recently … Continue reading

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The Messy Path of Awakening

It’s the last day of January and I have no New Year’s Resolutions. In my journey to find a new boss, I’m moving away from the idea of generally impossible to-do lists because they aren’t working for me. I might … Continue reading

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Bicycle Epiphany

I’ve just returned from a week in Amsterdam where I immersed myself in the bicycle culture. From the moment I got on the heavy, matte black bike with a comfortable seat and upright handle bars, I felt at home. But … Continue reading

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Life in Chapters

Can a charmed life become more charming? I’ve been reading “Creating a Charmed Life” by Victoria Moran and I am discovering that my charmed life has plenty of room for improvement. I am surprised and pleased by the simplicity and … Continue reading

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Making Choices

I don’t eat crab unless someone else does the hard work of extracting the meat from the shell. But I love unpacking pomegranates. Maybe it’s the bright red color or the sweet/tart burst in the mouth or maybe it’s just … Continue reading

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Lucky Town

I love tools and I love building things. So when I found this vintage Stanley tool box at an antique store closing sale, I snapped it right up. My first inspiration was to use this hand colored map with a … Continue reading

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Nineteen Hats, Ten Teacups…

Such an emotional catharsis this week…sobbing one moment, stomping angrily the next. And strangely, no connection to what might be the cause, current or past. Sure, there were maddening moments and memories that brought some sadness, but the strength of … Continue reading

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