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A Symbol of Movement

I was reminded this week of the mobius strip that I wrote about here. Only this time, instead of focusing on the inner/outer nature of the strip, I have been focused on the movement/continuation aspect. As a Vata type, my … Continue reading

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Nineteen Hats, Ten Teacups…

Such an emotional catharsis this week…sobbing one moment, stomping angrily the next. And strangely, no connection to what might be the cause, current or past. Sure, there were maddening moments and memories that brought some sadness, but the strength of … Continue reading

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I couldn’t find it again…the one line on which the novel pirouetted. The turn was near the end and once I read it, I began to float through the final pages. The book was The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler, … Continue reading

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Happy Endings

After my failed attempt at capturing Frodo, I went off to work in the city. When I returned in the late afternoon, he was waiting on my back porch. I looked at him and decided that I had to try … Continue reading

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Finding True North

From the moment I saw the derelict heater at Island Recycling, I knew what I wanted to make from it. I saw the parts rearranged, painted and repurposed into an altar. The details did not become apparent until I began … Continue reading

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Having it out with Melancholy

Melancholy. Not a friend, exactly. Quite familiar though. I’m trending towards befriending it. What surprises me is what triggers melancholy. And how long I have to hang in the holding pattern to understand. Last weekend I watched the movie Whale … Continue reading

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Finding Hope in Unexpected Places

Yesterday, while driving home from the grocery store, two police cars came racing toward me on Highway 525. One by one, the cars ahead pulled to the side of the road. This action always touches me. There is solidarity in … Continue reading

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