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Slowing Down

Today has been a quintessential Stella Sunday… and I really needed that calm, timeless day to recharge my batteries. I have been rushing too much lately. So this morning, instead of trying to cook soup with clutter on my oh-too-small … Continue reading

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The Art of Longing

I have and I hear numerous conversations that begin with the words “as soon as”. As soon as I have the time, I’m going to promote my Etsy shop… as soon as I have the money, I’m going to buy … Continue reading

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Add it to your lexicon: Pinteresting; (verb), Collecting images via the internet by “pinning” them onto “boards”. This is the virtual version of cut and paste, minus the paste part. Cleaner, eco friendly and doesn’t take up much room. Once … Continue reading

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Efficiency Revisited

I took the leap. I got a Smart Phone in the interest of efficiency. Remember the discussion about notebooks and having everything in one place? Well, I am a list maker and the lists have been in many locations. I … Continue reading

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Finding Delight in the Middle of Chaos

After twelve years of living in the same tiny house and rearranging the furniture at least twice a year, you would think I would have exhausted the possibilities. But this week, forced by the necessity of exposing the walls for … Continue reading

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The Fullness of Nothing

Living in a one room house has some extra challenges. Like when it’s time to repaint. There is no second room to live in while the job is getting done. The bed is the couch, the dining room table is … Continue reading

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When the Going Gets Tough…

I met the show stopper this week. It all began innocently enough. It was week 5 of working with the “fantastic checklist” of affirmations by creativity coach Eric Maisel:  “I will choose and commit”. At first, creative ideas milled around in … Continue reading

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