Add it to your lexicon: Pinteresting; (verb), Collecting images via the internet by “pinning” them onto “boards”.

This is the virtual version of cut and paste, minus the paste part. Cleaner, eco friendly and doesn’t take up much room. Once you set up your Pinterest account, you can gather images from Google searches or from searches within Pinterest itself. You can even go to other people’s boards and “repin” what they have saved. It’s a visual junky’s heaven. Everything is in one place, separated by theme if you like, and complete with links to galleries, blogs and photo albums.

I resisted at first. It seemed like another way to get lost on the internet and I’m already pretty good at that. I got started so I could follow what my niece was pinning. And, well, as long as I’m here…

I started out looking for rust. Rusty Gate

Graphic design and typography was next. All of my secret selves and artistic wanna-dos converge on my Pinterest page. It’s also a new way to make connections… silent partnerships with collectors who resonate. I can follow and be followed and gathering images can be as picky as curating a show or as loose as tossing good ideas onto a board called “I’d like to make this…”. Pinteresting is easy and fun.

And it’s not as addicting as I thought. I’m creating a reference library of only the images that speak to me. And since I am easily overwhelmed, my gathering happens in small pieces. If there is an artist I like, I only need one pin to capture their name and then, when I want to explore their work, I simply do a Pinterest search and I get a whole “gallery” of work. This week I did a Pinterest search on assemblage artist Graceann Warn and saw so many beautiful images I wanted to weep. Then I wanted to jump in the car and travel to her next exhibit to see the works in person. Pinteresting is inspiring.

Then, today, I discovered that I can take my own photos with my new smartphone and pin them to my boards. All of my inspirations in one place. Now THAT’S efficient!

The challenge, now, is to take my inspiration and go into the studio and begin creating… to find an authentic path through the crowded room of other people’s ideas… to let this new verb add value to my days and vision to my daily waking.

Have you been Pinteresting yet?

7 Thoughts

  1. No Pinteresting here… yet. I’m so torn about adding yet another reason to sit in this computer chair. My plate, and my brain, are full these days. But you got over it. So might I. Your way with words always makes me smile.

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