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Magnificent Obsessions

Eric Maisel is back with a new book called “Brainstorm” which is about encouraging the mind’s natural talent for obsessing. Maisel differentiates between productive and unproductive obsessing. Basically, the difference is that a productive obsession takes you in a direction … Continue reading

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I Will Write in the Middle of Everything??

I know. Affirmations are supposed to be positive statements. Well, I can’t tell a lie. I’m positive that I won’t write in the middle of everything. Experience has proven this to be true. I write in the middle of big … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Muse

As an artist of many mediums, I am fascinated by the creative process… how it works,¬†when it doesn’t work and how to get it started. For help, I turn to Eric Maisel, author of “Fearless Creating” and numerous other coaching … Continue reading

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