I Will Write in the Middle of Everything??

I know. Affirmations are supposed to be positive statements.

Well, I can’t tell a lie. I’m positive that I won’t write in the middle of everything. Experience has proven this to be true. I write in the middle of big events… you know… loss of job, death of a cat, a friendship gone sour. But in my day to  day busyness, that’s the place where I wilt. I stop writing when the pressure is on.

I used to attend a 12 step group and I remember one friend saying that taking a vacation from meetings is like giving your plants a break by not watering them. This would seem to counsel me to toward writing in the middle of everything because writing is how I process my world… how I set things straight… how I find solutions to vexing problems. But writing requires that I sit still. And, as I have mentioned before, slowing down is not my strong suit.

Eric Maisel has created a fine list of affirmations… a list that, for the most part, I am excited to embrace. But this one? Over the top for me.

Do you create in the middle of everything? Does Kelly?

2 Thoughts

  1. Well, for the past few days I have been lamenting the fact that I have not written in the middle of everything else going on in my life…yet, I feel the need to write. However, the need to write has not been greater than the need to “do”. Perhaps I am truly afraid that I have nothing to say, or that I have everything to say…gives me lots to ponder, and perhaps write about…thanks Jeanne!

  2. And once I gave myself total permission to not write in the middle of everything, I suddenly wanted to write. The mind is a mysterious thing. I look forward to what you have to say whenever you get around to writing.

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