Life in Chapters

Can a charmed life become more charming?

I’ve been reading “Creating a Charmed Life” by Victoria Moran and I am discovering that my charmed life has plenty of room for improvement. I am surprised and pleased by the simplicity and profundity of her suggestions.

When I made my decision to close my Etsy shop, I knew there would be some grieving to do and I have taken some time to mourn that road not taken. But I also have begun to feel the great relief of a burden lifted. A new freedom. So when I read Victoria’s idea titled “Live your life in chapters”, I was intrigued.

“A charmed life is lived in chapters, the way you would read a long novel….Give yourself to the chapter you’re on.”

I like the idea of my life being a long novel. And I’d like a good name for this next phase  that inspires me to live it fully. So I opened random books and looked at the chapter headings. The possibilities are interesting. From my shelves, I found the following: Artistic Attempts, Literary Lessons,  Integrity, Abundance, Connection, Intimacy Ready, Get Yourself Together, Give What You Can, Witnessing, Harvest Time. What would each of those chapters look like as a life stage?

How would you describe the chapter you are living? Is it time for a new chapter?

I chose this title for mine.

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