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The Necessity of Having Lots of Stuff

The customs agent looked at my list and eyed me suspiciously. “Brass hardware??” “Yes”, I said, and happily held up my small plastic bag of delicious patina. Clearly he did not understand my enthusiasm. I had just spent hours inside … Continue reading

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I love before and afters: the boring one bedroom house that becomes a charming cottage with new paint, a picket fence, some flowers. Or the pallets upcycled into headboards, tables and bookshelves. I had transformation in mind when I saw … Continue reading

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Hello again!

I’ve been working behind the scenes in an effort to make my blog more interesting to navigate. In the process, I came face to face with my twin vices, Impatience and Perfection, and their wily ways. There is so much … Continue reading

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The Art of Longing

I have and I hear numerous conversations that begin with the words “as soon as”. As soon as I have the time, I’m going to promote my Etsy shop… as soon as I have the money, I’m going to buy … Continue reading

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Living in the Layers

I’ve been reading and re-reading a poem by Stanley Kunitz titled “The Layers”. I am not trying to understand the poem so much as to partake of the gift of its mystery. He begins with this: “I have walked through … Continue reading

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The Art of Saying Goodbye

Not one boss, but ten of them. That’s what freelance bookkeeping is like. And each boss has a different way of doing things: the process is different, the results they want are different, and their personalities…all unique. Add to this … Continue reading

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How to Build a Throne

“The answers you get depend upon the questions you ask” Thomas Kuhn My thanks to Charlene for helping me to see the potential in the bones of the pesky chair project (read more about the beginnings here). She took one … Continue reading

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