Efficiency Revisited

I took the leap.

I got a Smart Phone in the interest of efficiency. Remember the discussion about notebooks and having everything in one place? Well, I am a list maker and the lists have been in many locations. I have book and movie lists on the computer and on a small notepad. I have calendars in my purse, on my wall and on my computer. I have lists of things to do everywhere and I’m thinking that the phone is going to simplify my life.

I hear you laughing.

But really, have you ever seen such a small, diverse storage unit? And portable!

I have been carrying a large tote bag with the aforementioned notebook, a purse with the small notepad, a Daytimer wallet with mobile calendar and to-do lists, a calculator and a cell phone. Now I’m carrying this:

Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate

If I want to remember a book, I go to my Good Reads app and put it on my “bookshelf” – “to read”. If I want to remember a movie that my friends recommend, I go to Netflix and put it in my Queue. If I want to see if I’m available next week for tea, I look at the calendar which is synced with the Google calendar on my computer. And lists? One-Punch does it all.

It’s not simple to use. In fact, I’m having to rewire my brain and learn to experiment on the phone. One morning last week, Sara woke me up at 4:00am with a poke in the face. The message was clear: feed me. Since pulling the covers over my face only encourages her to up the ante and pull books off the shelf and pull pictures askew, I got up, fed her, and went back to bed. Aha! I thought. I’ll set an alarm (I usually depend on the reasonable wake-up cat) and I grabbed my new phone. Thirty minutes later, I figured out that I needed the clock app not the clock widget which I had returned to over and over again thinking I was missing something. But rewiring my brain is a good thing. It means that I’m learning and I love to learn.

Do I check my emails and my Facebook page using the Smart Phone? Sometimes. Do I take photos and post my whereabouts and my what’s new? Occasionally. The phone is a new toy and I want to play with it, see what it can do, make it my friend.

Is it efficient?
You bet!

Am I?
Well, let’s just say that I’m on my way.

9 Thoughts

  1. It wasn’t very long ago I thought “smart phones” we’re dumb, unnecessary expenses. I was happy to have a phone that just made and received calls. Now I use my phone for all those things you write about so well and my life is simpler for it. I don’t lose my grocery list, forget an appointment, or lose touch with folks I care about near or far away.

  2. It gives me hope to hear about your trek up this steep learning curve. I don’t know if my brain will ever be up to it. The whole thing just makes me feel as dumb as a post. Most electronic learning sessions end up with me screaming in my head.

    1. I definitely have to limit my learning time each day. I reach a point where I feel totally overwhelmed. But the way I see it, I had to jump in soon or be totally left behind. Besides, my purse/bag is getting lighter every day!

  3. I think you are moving faster than me, I am impressed. I am still learning some of the basics. Plus, I just can’t seem to give up the paper calendar…does your phone have a name?
    I am going to look for the Good Reads App right now!

    1. Ooooh. A phone name. I’ll ask her/him. And I am equally attached to my paper this-es and thats. I love paper. But I also love being organized. So I try a little something every day, testing the apps already installed before I go gallavanting around looking for more!

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