Higher Learning

I consider myself a lifelong learner, a trait I inherited from my father who was a voracious knowledge seeker. Although I dropped out of college after my third year, I have been enrolled in learning ever since. It all started with on the job training. Then I took classes in accounting at the University of Washington.

Later, using skills I had developed through my canvas work, I launched into woodworking and built kitchen cabinets for a remodel
and bookshelves for a friend. 

More recently, I studied monoprinting, letterpress and encaustic at Pratt Fine Arts Center, bookbinding at Seattle Book Arts, and jewelry making at Fusion Beads in Seattle.

I took workshops in writing from the Whidbey Island Writer’s Association.  I learned Tai Chi.

When I needed a place to market my art, I built an Etsy site to sell my boxes and books and then dove into photography to present my wares. Now I  am studying graphic design from a stack of library books and preparing promotional materials for one of my bookkeeping clients.

Am I tired from all that studying? Not a bit. I am enlivened. Hungry for more.

And the most exciting course of all is being enrolled in Life University and studying Life as Art.

The class list is long and varied; the tests are often and unpredictable, the teachers are everywhere. I doubt if I’ll ever actually get my degree. I am more interested in the learning.

How about you? Do you enjoy learning? Which course of study are you passionate about?

7 Thoughts

  1. We creative people are cut from he same cloth it seems. Busy hands are happy hands! I go from one fun thing to another (sometimes finishing, sometimes not). I never had a passion for one course of study…yet. I love it all, but once I’ve done it, I’m onto the next shiny new challenge. I am always searching for it though. Drawing as a child to just finishing upholstering a wing back chair. I have learned sewing (remember “home economics” in school?), stained glass, crochet, woodworking, painting, embroidery, gardening, cake decorating, cooking, and all types of home improvement projects. I just finished making jewelry for my daughter’s upcoming wedding (mine and the bridesmaids). I will be making centerpieces for the bridal shower tables in April. The project I will be starting next is a beaded veil. I have to admit, this one has me scared (I don’t want my daughter to look like she’s wearing her mother’s craft project). I think I will start saving for a store bought one just in case….ps. I love your words, photos and thoughts on life!

    1. Does my heart good to see your list! And I laughed out loud about your fear about the veil looking like a “craft project”. I see that I am in such good company. Thanks, Denise!

  2. I am a lifer as well and love how you put it “enrolled in learning”. I love lectures, workshops, seminars, videos, anything that offers knowledge, but so far have balked at anything that smacked of homework. Your enthusiasm has me re-thinking this stance. It’s why I’m still feel rather computer illiterate — the learning curve for new software feels daunting, but I bet I just need a different perspective.

    In my 40’s I lived very close to a community college and was always enrolled in some class or other. When I was 45 I went back to college full time – to become a therapist. I knew it wasn’t for me after two years, but that’s when I discovered for the first time that I had any writing skills. I love walking through open doors because you just never know where they will lead. Besides, it’s so fun to learn stuff.

    Thanks for the poser. Maybe I’ll crack open the manual for iPages this week!

    1. Oh yes! Go for it, Carol. The thrill of victory over some tough new learning is delicious. Like learning a new, challenging dance like Tango. While I can’t embrace the whole tango scene, I do love the way it makes me have to try out new ways of following and letting go. It opens me up to new ways of seeing things and I LOVE that!

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