The robins were singing their rain song this morning. Though I knew it meant a change in the weather, my spirits lifted at the sound. Spring is happening. New beginnings. More light. Inspiration.

My trusty Winston Dictionary, College Edition 1944 has this to say about inspiration:” 1) the act of drawing air into the lungs. 2) the influence or impulse which causes creation in art, literature, music, etc…”

So no wonder I have that quick intake of breath when I hear birdsong. I am doubly inspired.

Nature is the most consistent place of awe for me. Add to that the silence of early morning and I am ready to put words to the page or add found objects to a newly designed box. Oh, and starlit nights; art galleries; the sound of waves breaking on the shoreline; architecture…especially old brick buildings; my cats.  Just listing my inspirations inspires me.

I also have a tall stack of books next to my reading chair. Currently on top is Layout Workbook by Kristin Cullen because I’m obsessed with graphic design. The book is beautiful. There are many graphic design books in the pile, but this one inspires on every page and I hate putting it down. I like that she includes a chapter on intuition. And her list of activities to nurture inspiration is worthy of refridgerator duty.  “Be committed to discovering and collecting inspirational factors; take a walk; spend the day outdoors; take a different route home after work; explore; create diversions from everyday routines…” and the list goes on.

So does my own.

I mention these things because I want to remember them. I want to have a bookmark to return to when my interior sky is grey. Do you have a list of inspirations? Is there one that consistently brings you joy? How do you nurture that one?

4 Thoughts

  1. Ahhh Jeanne, your post lead to several deep breaths of inspire-ation…I just finished listening to Episcopal Priest Cynthia Bourgeault talk about basically the same thing from her wise, contemplative Christian perspective…what consistently brings me joy is being in the presence of the divine in nature on a daily basis…the birdsong, the four deer at Fern Meadow this weekend, the wind in the trees…so much to be grateful for and inspired by…thank you!!

  2. Jeanne, you are so right! The weather definitely is a barometer for my moods. I have even contemplated purchasing one of those lights for “saad disorder”. Thankfully this winter in New Jersey has been wonderfully sunny and warm. This weather inspires me to walk around my yard and look at the newly blooming crocus and dafodills. Nature is definitely my “go to” inspiration. Thank you for your words. Sometimes we all need to remember to appreciate the small wonders in our lives. Bye, I’m headed outside to weed the gardens!

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