For twenty years I lived on a farm on Whidbey Island. Most Sundays, when the weather was good, an aged Danish man would stroll through the farm calling out a cheerful hello if anyone was visible.

One day I headed out for my walk at the same time he appeared and, for a short time, we walked together. He told me that he loved the farm because it reminded him of Stella Sunday afternoons. He didn’t say more than that, but the words stuck with me and conjured images of simpler times, quiet afternoons and connection.

When I decided to write this blog about living creatively in a complex world, Stella Sunday Afternoons resonated and the title has become a touchstone when I feel myself mired in complexity.

Grab a second cup of tea or coffee and wander these pages…maybe you will discover your Stella Sunday Afternoons too.

For more of my artwork, visit my website JeanneCeleste.com

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7 Thoughts

  1. Wonderfully written with calm and grace. Visually pleasing too with photos of your precious things. As I sit at my computer desk looking at my cubbies filled with I don’t even know what, I feel a purge coming on. It may also be time to rearrange the room to face the desk toward the window. That has been in the back of my mind for some time. Thanks for the inspiration.

      1. Jeanne… Mr. Job Conger sent me an e-mail you had sent him recently. It noted you’d seen a poem of mine at Prairie Poetry. Feel free to contact me at the provided e-mail address.

        I spent some time at your blog, very nice.


    1. Dearest Jill,
      I am deeply touched by your gesture of nomination and I am so pleased to read the other blogs you have mentioned. I love how the new technology has connected the dots between our lives and I look forward to sharing and hearing more stories!

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