Healthy Habits

My last post was about carrots. Not the vegetable, but the concept. This week I want to celebrate finishing something: labels in the studio!


And while I was at it, I put sealer on these new drawers from Ikea


and put label holders on those too. Then I installed them. Major completion here.

What I wanted next was chocolate.

Since I’ve successfully given up refined sugar, not out of virtuosity, but out of the recognition of how it makes me feel, and I was quite pleased to find a chocolate bar sweetened with Stevia. It tasted really good. So I ate a lot of it… and then some more… and then daily NEEDED to have it.

I know myself well enough to recognize when I have gone over the edge. When a celebratory decadence has become an addiction. And I noticed that my digestion was suffering.

So I made my own chocolate. Just three ingredients: chocolate powder, coconut butter and a small amount of honey… rich and delicious…enough so that I didn’t want much of it. But even that small amount of sweetener affected me unpleasantly. Forced me to confront the real issue at hand: I grew up with sweets after every meal, sweets as snacks in between and sweets before bedtime. My day doesn’t feel complete without dessert.

And when I want to celebrate? Sweets please.

The more I feed the sweet monster, the more that monster wants. So what is the healthy habit to cultivate? Maybe it’s like the finishing motivator…I need to find a new way to treat myself. Something that is sweet in concept. Something that might even be a healthy thing to repeat. I don’t have the answer yet, but I’m paying attention.

How about you? How do you reward yourself?

2 Thoughts

  1. Hi Jeannie, This is an issue that I’ve been wrestling too. Trying to think of a way to celebrate a project finished, or a being with friends that doesn’t include alcohol. Doctor’s orders. Have cut back considerably, but that attitude adjustment hour: Miller time has a strong call. And of course struggling with sweets too. Just have to be patient with myself, I guess. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for sharing Martha! We bond to others through shared rituals like alcohol and sweets so that caring for ourselves can also feel like a betrayal of friendship!! Let’s start some new rituals!!!

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