OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have fallen in love with Wednesday. I rarely have meetings scheduled for the day and the evenings are normally unplanned. It’s a bit like having a Sunday in the middle of the week. A true resting place.

This morning, I read Mary Oliver,  “The Leaf and the Cloud” and remembered that part of my work in the world is praising it’s gifts. Today I have praises for the wind shaking my tiny house and reminding me of the value of hunkering down. For the white scented beauty of Narcissus growing in the pottery painted with cats. For colored Christmas lights framing my windows and singing holiday cheer.

Today, I wake with resolution to be creative
to cook beautiful meals
to open my heart and let the word birds take flight.
I walk with devotion.
I dress to the nines.
I pray.
I sing the world’s salvation.
Beneath dark skies, I enter the studio
and look around.
I wait.
I wander.
I work.
I work with zest. With gratitude. With greatness.
I am changing the world with love
stepping through the round and open doorway
of Rumi.
I will mention, in passing, my melancholy
and move on.
My muse, my mentor invites feelings.
Together, we build a nest and hatch ideas,
teach them to fly.

4 Thoughts

  1. Thank you for the “Wednesday” reminder. So beautifully said. We used to call it Hump Day, as in the middle, and always planned a dinner out. It was my respite from the kitchen for many years, and I looked forward to it all week. When we moved to Whidbey, and money got tighter, it was the day I planned just for myself. A little vacation from responsibilities, to do whatever I wanted. (This often included a trip to the thrift store!) Sadly, the concept has been usurped over the years. I will think of you now on “our” Wednesdays.

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