Remodel update

The word pond went dry while I was remodeling. But I have pictures!

This was before…

And this was during…

Oh, my precious salvaged trim… measure twice…dang!

The solution.

Plan B for salvaged trim

And the final results (well, almost final)

middle cabinet made from old shelving
detail on the right cabinet
completed fir cabinet (recycled from a friend’s kitchen remodel)
trim detail of fir cabinet
mug shelf made from a vintage level and old spool

14 Thoughts

  1. all I can say is…. WOWZA! can you come build ME a mug shelf made from an old level??? Pretty PLEASE?? your creativity has always amazed me and THIS is no different, LOVELYLOVELYLOVELY!

    ❤ you!

    1. Oh my! You make my heart feel all fuzzy inside. Thanks for your enthusiastic appreciation. That level was definitely a score! I knew the minute I got it home that I wanted to use it in the kitchen, just wasn’t sure how. My solution preserves the level (no screw holes) and lets me appreciate it every day. Can’t wait to see what you have added to your sweet place…

    1. Thank you Kathryn. I had pulled a picture from a magazine years ago with an eclectic grouping of cabinets and I had a great time pulling the pieces together. That gorgeous oak cabinet (with the Dutch couple) had been sitting up in one of the out buildings and it was falling apart. Sprucing it up and giving it new life was quite satisfying as was using the old shelving to build the new cabinet. It all fits with my “theme” Funky Farmhouse”!

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