Red Sky in the Morning

Rumi’s warning card translates as follows:

Look at what you are doing and decide if you are being selfish or brave.”

Serpent of transformation
hisses at my neck
threatening to strike.

I want to sing the charmers song
for a bit longer
linger in the decadence of not doing

but I see
with eyes not clouded by moulting
that I must roll up my sleeves

stop counting the hours
and dive into the world
with artistry.

Picasso and Van Gogh tried many things
and often failed.
Now we revere their all.

Set up the easel and begin again
breathe in solitude like salt air,
healing, refreshing whisper of God.

Whining is selfish.
Working and working well
with heart, with soul, with happiness,

THAT is bravery.

4 Thoughts

  1. Thanks Jeanne…I just kept taking deep breaths through the whole post….what a great reminder, and so I breathe, and then begin…

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